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Roshunda Dorris 
President & Director of ECEPAP    (Early Childhood Education & Performing Arts Preschool)
Early Childhood Education
Professional Development Coach 


Roshunda Dorris, President and Director of ECEPAP,  holds a Bachelor of Art in Early Childhood Education, and is certified in Child and Family education. She has worked as a Child Development Specialist, and Early Childhood Education Professional Development Coach, and has provided mentoring and resources to help early childhood educators integrate new information into childcare practices. Roshunda has also worked with early educators to facilitate the development of an individualized professional development plan, and connect early educators to professional growth opportunities.

She has provided coaching assistance to licensed child care providers to maintain quality care within center based and family childcare programs. She provides services to assess and oversee programs compliance, developmentally appropriate curriculum planning through observations and assessments, and coordinate and teach Professional Learning Communities for Early Childhood Educators.

Roshunda also has over 20 years in the area of Performing Arts, providing programs for children's artistic expression in song, dance, and theater.

ECE Consulting Services: Professional Learning Community 
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