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Performing Arts Program

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Each of the art disciplines (dance, music, theater, and visual arts) maintain a rich body of knowledge. They enable students to understand their world in ways  that support and enhance their learning in core subjects. The arts enrich and are enriched by other subjects, promote creativity, thinking, joy, and offers different ways to make meaning.

ECEPAP provides learning experiences through the collaboration of

early education and performing arts, with seasonal thematic performances. 

  • Apply processes and skills in acting

  • Portray characters

  • Retell a familiar story with costumes and props for performance 

singing preschoolers.jpg
Music, Dance & Vocal
  • Apply vocal skills in performing a varied repertoire of music 

  • Use body movement to respond to dynamics and tempo

  • Create movements in response to music

Cute little dancers on white background.
Visual Arts

  • Experiment with colors through the use of drawing materials and paints 

  • Create patterns and three dimensional arrangements

  • Use colors to draw or paint pictures of everyday objects

Portrait of African kids painting themse
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